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The Author

Helias Doundoulakis was only two years old when his family moved from America to the Greek island of Crete.

He was twenty-two when the war ended in 1945, during which time he was transformed from resistance fighter to soldier in the American army. Due in part to his experience with the SOE and fluency in Greek, English, and German, he was recruited by the Office of Strategic Services (the OSS). This would be his life-changing moment.

After the war, he became a civil engineer and inventor, holding the patent for the world’s largest radio telescope.

Aside from the present narrative, he is the author of two books published in Greek and three others: I Was Trained to be a Spy Books I and II and My Unique Lifetime Association with Patrick Leigh Fermor.

The author lives with his wife of sixty years, Rita, in Freeport, New York. They have four children and ten grandchildren.


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